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"Let's set the scene...It's the end of a busy day at The Home Depot store. Tired workers, still with cheery smiles on their faces, are slowly trickling out of the now empty warehouse. One by one, their voices fade away, until the last sound is of the main power switch shutting everything down for the night. All is quiet - nothing stirs. It's an empty warehouse... or is it? ...The magic that only children can dream of is at work in this Home Depot store! In a whirl of color and excitement, tools, materials and equipment come alive with friendly chatter and laughter. And from his picture, Homer springs to life, and like Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory, he guides the viewer on an adventure of creation in their own home." Thus begins the nationally syndicated, weekly television show for kids and their parents! "This new show will take kids on an exciting educational adventure, allowing them to explore their self esteem by using their imagination... to really make things happen. Through the various adventures, kid and parent interaction will be promoted as the family works together to create things as a team... Boys & girls of all ages will laugh and enjoy the funny situations that Homer falls into, and will want to get involved themselves in doing that week's assignment, from making a clock, or a home garden, to building a chair - Homer will guide the attentive viewer to success!" And this is me, as your host, Homer! Photo by: F. MacPherson

"Homer's Theme" can be heard playing in the background.

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