P.O.D. & ME


A few years ago I had the opportunity to film the music video "Boom"
with the rock group, P.O.D. While on the set, which was at Cox Arena,
San Diego State University, I took a few photos that I thought I'd put
up here for awhile. These young men were a lot of fun to work with and are
totally grounded. Absolutely no star attitudes here!

During the shoot, there were a couple of times when the group and I disagreed with
the officials of the tournament, and things got a little out of hand
(theatrically, not literally.)
The above is a photo of "me an' da boys" after one such confrontation!

Traa and his lovely wife.

Wuv & me.

Marcos and his beautiful wife.

And last, but not least, Sonny!

The following three photos were emailed to me from one of the performers on the set. These are actual screen captures from
the video.